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Coal from the South Wales Valleys financed the economic development of the coastal pastures of Cardiff to create docks and the multi- ethnic community which followed in the wake of the coal exports, which for a brief period at the turn of the last century provided the bulk of the world's energy.
'Baywatch 2' is a topic framework to organise the on going responses of organisations and people to the a process of urban renewal that followed closure of the coal mines that sustained Cardiff's docklands.
It builds upon the first version of 'Baywatch 1', a community education project based in local primary schools, sponsored by the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation in the last years of the 20th century  to envourage local schools to help the communities they served to plan for sustainable development.
Baywatch 2 is being developed in the context of secondary education.
It is centred on the process of urban regeneration, and the need to maintain an historical thread of cultural ecology as post industrial neighbourhoods are engineered anew.