2.3 Movement
The routes along which people, materials, and messages move bind a society together. They make the reticule on which are strung the sites of work and rest; they are the paths along which flow the myriad streams of raw and half-made goods in process of production; they form the links between each local group of humans and the thoughts and presence of its fellows.
There is no human group without well-accustomed routes of movement; none is altogether stationary, and none wanders aimlessly. Numerous places, widely separated, are known and visited even by the simplest folk, and they follow familiar pathways on their rounds. A family of Bushmen knows every track, waterhole and sheltered hollow in the desert. The arid territories of the Seri are crisscrossed by established trails between important sites, which the inhabitants regularly follow. In every neighborhood of every great city, people habitually travel, almost unthinkingly, over private routes selected from the maze of streets.