3.5.1 God given
The powers possessed by the Gods of the faithful are awesome. They evoke feelings of reverence in the minds of their devotees. To prevent these forces being used against the believers themselves, the Gods must be propitiated. So services of worship of the unknowable Gods are developed and permeate the whole of life. By verbal expression of man's insignificance in the mind of God, of his weakness in the face of the Almighty, and of other comparisons, the faithful places the unknowable in a position from which it no longer threatens his life. He has manipulated it so that it is powerless to harm him.
This process of defusing the unknowable was evidently essential in the pre-scientific age when man felt so much more at the mercy of the natural elements. But it is surprising to find it still practised so extensively when he has the weapons of the technological revolution in his hands. These weapons evidently have failed to neutralize the threat of the unknown.
However hard we try the inexplicable will not disappear. It will always loom large in our lives, and can only be propitiated by belief in the supernatural unless we are prepared to look it full in the face and square up to what precisely is strange, what cannot be explained. In doing this we have to reject our preconceived notions and throw away the security of a particular position of faith. We must bring to our attack on the unknown all the knowledge of the past and of the present, and all of the hopes of the future. Only then can we begin to gain any understanding at all of the impossible surrounding us. Not that we may get very far, but even a step or two into the gloom of the unknown could be worth a million miles travelled with the blinkers of faith over our eyes.