Gathering Notions About Nature
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CRITICAL THINKING in the context of past and present ATTITUDES and VALUES about environment: with particular reference to East Anglia

Four distinct, but closely interrelated approaches are offered as a framework to organise some of the many strands of a value-related environmental curriculum. Such imaginative explorationsare necessary for schools to appraise local notions about nature that make a neighbourhood special. They are categorised according to whether the starting point is:-
  • a particular notion, e.g. a law, plan, or imaginative statement;
  • a spiritual value system
  • a person who invented, or propagated a notion.
  • a particular place and its distinctive features.

The objective is to refer to this type of menu to stimulate the production of exemplars of best practice for networking through SCAN, the Schools in Communities Agenda 21 Network (
A menu to appraise local values about nature