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'Treekind' is a term used to define the totality of trees and shrubs on all public and private land. It is a primary living component of life, experienced daily by people, particularly the woodland and forest dwellers, who harvest tree products.  It is also part of a complex urban environment that includes roads, car parks, footpaths, underground and overhead services, and buildings.

Treekind is an essential part of a "liveable" and sustainable community. It encapsulates the intrinsic link trees have to us all as 'humankind.  Treekind has an unquestionable role in partnership with humankind to maintain the most important factors for our survival.

Wealth and Trees

Trees existed on Earth before humans. First they prepared the planet for the arrival of animals and humans. Then our ancestors learnt beneath trees to survive, to contemplate the meaning of life and give intuitive thanks to nature.

Nature, and intuition, the voices of the heart, are great teachers. The two cannot be told apart because nature is not only 'out there', it is also inside of us: the bond between humankind and treekind.

A deeper look at nature and at what we have lost in the past can be a start to heal the mental split in human society, and through that contribute to the healing of our planet; to create a world in which all species – human, animal and plant – can flourish drawing upon the wealth of trees that is expressed in so many ways.