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Current work on COSMOS involves incorporating cultural ecology into a global distance learning system for communities in the form of a prototype 'citizen's  conservation management curriculum.   

We are now concentrating on the production and testing of an on-line module showing people how to produce long-term school/community action plans with measurable objectives, which follow a standard planning format, but with flexible databasing.  This will integrate with an on-line forum and a library of community management plans as practical models for others to adapt to their own circumstances.  In other words it's a kind of 'sustainability citizen’s cyber-café/library' with a minimum of central control.   Cross-linking existing community groups in this way could lead to a stronger force for change.

The package consists of the following elements:-

  • Cultural Ecology- an interdisciplinary information about world development with tools for building personal bodies of knowledge linking culture and ecology;

  • CWICNet- Citizenship toolkits for making and operating long-term plans for sustainability that deal with neighbourhood issues and family life.


  • Nature Quest- A programme originally designed for schools to connect them with the local green heritage, but which is suitable for community and family engagement with nature. 


The package

Mapping Sustainability Knowledge Organised to Manage the Environment Responsibly