Interesting things
Last Sunday was the Feast of Our Lady's Most Pure Heart– whose Mass I love well, and the whole day was beautiful. Beautiful, I mean, for me, although the weather was cloudy and it rained in the morning. After Chapter I was on the kitchen-refectory squad and spent one hour going around the one hundred and ninety-two places counting out four thin cookies for each Trappist and handing out various very small bon-bons and some stuff that pretended to be candied orange. I was very happy doing all this, not because of the candy, which nauseates me, but because of God and Our Lady, and the Feast Day.
In the afternoon I went out to the old horsebarn with the Book of Proverbs and indeed with the whole Bible, and I was wandering around in the hay loft, where there is a big gap in the roof, and one of the rotting floorboards gave way under me and I nearly fell through.
Afterwards I sat and looked out at the hills and the gray clouds and couldn't read anything. When the flies got too bad, I wandered across the bare pasture and sat by the enclosure wall, perched on the edge of a ruined bathtub that has been placed there for the horses to drink out of. A pipe comes through the wall and plenty of water flows into the bathtub from a spring somewhere in the woods, and I couldn't read there, either. I just listened to the clean water flowing and looked at the wreckage of the horsebarn on top of the bare knoll in front of me, and remained drugged with happiness and with prayer. Presently the two mares and the two colts came over to see me and to take a drink. The colts looked like children with their big grave eyes, very humble, very stupid and they were tamer than I expected. They came over and nudged me with their soft muzzles and I talked to them for a bit and then Father Nabor who was hiding behind some sumacs a hundred paces away came out to see what was the matter.
Later on I saw other interesting things–for instance a dead possum in a trap and a gold, butter-and-egg butterfly wavering on the dead possum's back. There are many Rhode Island reds over in the southwest corner of the enclosure this year. When I was on retreat for ordination to the priesthood I did half a day's work on the roosts we were building for them then.