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Sense of Place

One of the most important tasks of education is to develop a cultural dimension that provides knowledge with a practical framework for people to locate themselves firmly in place and time. At school, the topic is ‘youth citizenship’.  At home it is ‘global citizenship’.  In both situations the aim is to make statements of current ideas linking ‘what people do’ with ‘where they live’, ‘how they connect with local and global natural resources’ and ‘their origins in a cosmic scheme of things’


Space is not an external constant, but rather produced through interrelations.  It is built around moments of recognition, such as when a place suddenly exposes its connections to an ancient and peculiar vision of the forest, mountain or river.


The aim is to demonstrate with mindmaps how selfknowledge can be gained by recognising the importance of having a day-to-day built environment where we feel at home.  It is from here that we can define our place on planet Earth by adopting behaviours to change cultural habits that are destroying the planet's self-correcting ecology upon which we and all other beings depend.