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Related Sites

Halesworth Hyperbook
The purpose of this site is to encourage townsfolk of a Suffolk market town to participate in an iinteractive live-local history project, whereby people can make contributions to a social ecological history of the town.

This on-line community network has been launched and edited by the 'Going Green Directorate' as part of its programme to explore ways of creating citizen's environmental networks, envisaged in the 'UK Strategy for Sustainable Development'.

Living Sustainably

This wiki is a cross-curicular and hitherto subversive educational framework for living sustainably.

'Baywatch is a topic framework to organise the on going responses of organisations and people to the a process of urban renewal that followed closure of the coal mines that sustained Cardiff's docklands

Following Fish
This wiki refers to the UKs former deep sea fishing communities to model economic development following the exhaustion of the North Sea fish stocks which formerly sustained them.

Caring for the World in Communities (CWICNET)
This is a site dedicated to help establish a citizen's environmental network (schools and communities) to share know-how and achievements arising from making neighbourhood action plans.