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Resources for a Conservation Management Curriculum

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Social progress
Curricula of 'heart'
Virtual museums

Hyperbox Club

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These extension/update pages are accessed from the five left hand menu windows.

1 The first extension menu 'Frameworks' deals with the creation of five knowledge frameworks that illustrate the five major pillars of conservation management.

2 The second extension menu lists three new wikis dealing with the urgent need for:-

... a global syllabus centred on the concept of 'social progress' to bring about cultural change for living sustainably as a right and a privilege;

...a stimulus for discussion of the Dalai Lama's call for 'curricula of the heart';

...the making of virtual museums to build and present personal bodies of knowledge linking people and place.

3 The third extension menu introduces the Hyperbox Club and the concept of cross curricular thinking without a book.



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